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8 Head Multihead Weigher 10 Head Multihead Weigher 14 Head Multihead Weigher
Multihead weigher machine for automated weighing 8 head
Multihead weigher machine for automatic weighing 10 head
Multi head weigher machine for automated weighing 14 head

Multihead Weigher Information

Multihead weighers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Some are arranged in a circle such as those shown above, these are commonly referred to as Multihead weighers, others are arranged in a straight line and are often referred to as Linear weighers.

The term Multihead weigher refers to the number of individual weigh heads the Multihead weigher has got. Usually the minimum number of weigh heads on a Multihead Weigher is 8. The maximum is 24 or 36. Each weigh head is fitted with a load cell which can accurately measure the weight of product in each weigh  head. The weigh heads are filled with product by means of radial feed plates. Each feed plate is fitted with a vibrator which causes the product to move and fall into the weigh head. The amplitude of vibration of the feed plates can be controlled to ensure even feeding to the weigh heads. When the Multihead weigher is requested to fill a container with product it must know the target weight it is aiming for. This is programmed into the Multihead weigher using the touch screen menu. This is known as the Nominal Weight. The microprocessor will then calculate which combination of weights in the weigh heads will be equal to the Nominal weight. If it choose 4 weigh heads these will then open simultaneously and discarge into the container. The radial feeders will then refill the weigh heads and the whole process is repeated. The program in the Multihead Weigher is designed to comply with Average weight legislation. This means that some packs will be overweight and some underweight but the average should be equal to the Nominal weight. The number of acceptable underweight packages produced during a production run is clearly laid out in the Average Weight Legislation or The Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations. To help customers comply with the regulations our range of Multihead Weighers can be supplied with a printer which will print out a record of each production run. This should be kept to prove compliance with the legislation.

The more weigh head a Multihead Weigher has the faster it is able to calculate, empty and refill the weigh heads. Our range of Multihead Weighers can weigh from 60 - 120 weighings per minute. When choosing your model consideration should be given to the product being weighed. Some products cannot possibly be weighed at 120 per minute even on the fast Multihead Weighers. This is because the Multihead weighers depend on gravity to deliver the product to the container. Different shaped products will fall in a different way and can considerably reduce the maximum packing speed. Also as the Nominal weight increases so the speed decreases. In order to avoid over specifying your equipment it is better to run some trials to determine the maximum packing speed.


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