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Important Product Features

  • Automatic Humidity Control - ranging from 30% - 90%
  • Constant Real Time display of Humidity %
  • Automatic defrost function at low temperature
  • Automatic Power Off to protect unit from Over Heating
  • Automatic alarm when water reservoir is full
  • System Overload protection
  • Optional continuous drainage adaptor

Home dehumidifier applications: for use in drying the home, cellar, caravan, boat or outbuilding.

We have a range of equipment to suit your specific requirements. Just fill in the contact form, give us as much detail as possible about the environment to be dehumidified and we will recommend the correct dehumidifier for the job. It is always useful to give the approx dimensions of the area to be dehumidified - Length x Width x Height - preferably in Metres.

Dehumidifiers for the very damp and cold areas e.g. Cellars, Boats, Caravan.

For this purpose the "Mini" range of rotor dehumidifiers was developed. Compact in size and highly efficient these Rotor Dehumidifiers can ensure that damp is a thing of the past in your Cellar, Boat or Caravan.


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