Our dehumidifiers can be supplied in a myriad of styles, sizes, capacites and functions to suit any technical requirements. We work together with the most technically advanced manufacturer in China. Succesful installations have been undertaken for companies such as IBM, Nokia, Seimens, Wal-Mart, Ricoh, Epson, Carrefour and Bank of China to name a few. Should you wish to visit an installation this can be arranged and we can also show you our suppliers modern production facilities.

Home & Industrial Dehumidifiers

Home Dehumidifier Range

Select a home dehumidifier below for detailed dehumidifier information:

Home Dehumidifier Model DH-508D Home Dehumidifier Model DH-068B Home Dehumidifier Model DH-168D Home Dehumidifier Model DH-268D Home Dehumidifier Model DH-368D/DH-588D

Industrial Dehumidifier Range

Select a home dehumidifier below for detailed dehumidifier information:

Industrial Dehumidifier Model DH - 1688D / 1689D / 2408D Industrial Dehumidifier Model DH - 3508D / 4808D Industrial Dehumidifier Model DH - 368D

Building Dehumidifiers

Building dehumidifer applications: for use in drying buildings on a building / construction site.

We also provide the ideal dehumidifier for use on the Building site to aid in drying buildings out during construction or even after Flood Damage. Equipped with dual voltage power supply - 220V or 110V this rugged dehumidifier is ideal for use on the construcition site.

Air Handling Units

Air handling equipment applications: air handling used in medium and large industrial units for temperature control, humidity control and air purifcation to create the desired stable, clean production environment.

Our air handling systems are custom built for Industrial use. A team of skilled technicans will visit your premise and discuss your requirements in detail before providing a full technical quotation. The air handling units control the temperature and humidity in medium and large Industrial units where such parameters are critical to the production process - e.g. The microchip, electronic, battery manufacture, pharmaceutical industries. The Air coming into the unit is filtered, dehumidified and temperature controlled to produce a stable and clean environment within the storage or production area.



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